About Green Life IT

About Green Life IT
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Green Life IT is an web service based Technological company. Here anyone including freelancers can get benefit from doing jobs. Specially the client can hire a professional worker from this IT site. Simultaneously the worker also can get jobs from here without much effort. There is a market place. Therefore, anyone can post a job and the clients can have these jobs. Green Life IT posses a set of professional workers to accomplish the jobs offer here.

All the workers servicing here are highly skillful and extremely professional in there sectors. This is why the buyer trusts us without feeling worry. As all the workers are highly expert. So we can handover the accomplished jobs to the clients in time. Green Life IT appoint the professional worker to their working stuff. We have already done more than 500 jobs successfully of the clients. Green Life IT has a rich portfolio of it’s own as proof of qualification.

We not only handle jobs from the outside the country, we also do jobs on behalf of the Bangladeshi client too.


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