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SEO in the marketing section is must and essential for promoting your website. Without SEO your projects are nothing but a useless thing. If your site don’t reach at the sight of others, it will never be profitable. On the other hand if it reach at maximum people, you could cross your success and will be gainer in the long run. Green Life IT has expert and practical knowledgeable SEO professionals for SEO service.

We are serving SEO since 2014; we can fully optimize the entire search engine mainly Google search Engine. We offer both white SEO for longest project and black SEO for rapid/short time profitable projects, as clients’ requirements. We do SEO for the websites maintaining Google rank factors and that’s why it’s get best ranking level in Google search engine. The services of Green Life IT include back link post (PR1-10), forum post, comment posting Directory Submission, etc. Green Life IT offers best SEO service in comparing with others.

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We offer our SEO service for:

  • All types of websites.
  • Niche site.
  • Affiliate marketing website.
  • Blog sites.
  • News sites.
  • Marketing sites.
  • Personal website.
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The entire SEO Service List we offer for your projects:

Off page Activities:

  1. Search Engine Submission
  2. Directory Submission
  3. Forum Posting
  4. SEO friendly Article Submission
  5. Create Word press template
  6. Google page submission
  7. Press Releases
  8. Link Exchange [ reciprocal and Nonreciprocal]
  9. Classified Ad Posting.
  10. Comments Posting.
  11. Google Group Discussion.
  12. Yahoo Group Discussion
  13. MSN Group Discussion
  14. Yahoo Answers
  15. Rediff Answers
  16. Yello page Ad Posting.
  17. Google Sitemap Creation(xml)
  18. Yahoo sitemap creation (.txt)
  19. Web 2.0 implementation
  20. RSS Feeds.

On page Activities:

  1. Domain choosing
  2. Keyword Analysis-(overture or word tracker)
  3. Website Architecture (CSS is the more SEO Friendly)
  4. Website Analysis
  5. Competitor Website Analysis
  6. Title Tag
  7. Meta Keywords
  8. Meta Description
  9. Heading Tag
  10. Alt Tag
  11. Content Optimization
  12. Keyword Density
  13. Keyword Prominence
  14. Keyword Proximity.
  15. Internal Linking
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Why our SEO service is best for your project?

  • White SEO: We are doing white SEO for ranking your site in Google Search Engine. We can ensure your site on the first page on Google Search Engine through our SEO service.
  • Generate high traffic: As our SEO service make your project on first page of Google so definitely your site will get intense traffic. Moreover other things done through our service will add lots of traffic to your site.
  • Keep Commitment: We always keep our commitment to your clients. We hand over our accomplished job within time. We always evaluate our client’s demands and requirements.
  • Quality Service: Green Life IT always choose to serve quality service to the

SEO Service Packages:

  • Permanent Package: We will take full responsibility of keeping your website on first page on Google Search Engine. Monthly charge.
  • Fixed Package: We will charge a fixed amount depending on your site. We will make your site on Google first page and then we will hand over the job.
  • Flexible Package: We will charge every single category like link posting, forum posting or the comment posting. Charge will depend on the amount of your task. We will do white SEO, but will not be responsible of Google ranking.
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View Our Other Services:

Green Life IT also deals with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website ranking, Graphic Design for the image content of your site. Content service as well as domain and hosting, not only that you can also choose our best free themes for your projects. These themes are also absolutely free. Moreover, we also have website design and development plan for your valuable project.

  1. Graphic Design and Print Design
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Content Service (Article Writing)
  4. Domain and Hosting
  5. Free Theme and Template.
  6. Website Design and Development.

Final Words:

As you are marketer so you know the value of SEO for your business. Ranking a site means advertising of your business. If your little investment brings you much profit, why are you waiting for? Many marketers also know SEO, but they do not have a complete knowledge. But The experts of Green Life IT will do the job fully and finally. There will be no error as they are highly experienced. Before appointed in Green Life IT they had to pass from all point of view of SEO. So, don’t worry about our skill, we are professional. We will reach you at your goal with our hard labor. We have already achieved faith and satisfaction from thousands of clients. We hope our SEO service could fully satisfy you.

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