How to join Green Life IT?

How to join Green Life IT?
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Green Life IT does not take employee randomly and unqualified employee. So, if you want to work with Green Life IT, you have to wait for the next job advertisement.  After publishing any advertisement, you have to apply to the proper authority following the rules and procedure.

But before applying here you have to sure that these qualities are present in you:

1.    You have to have a clear conception on your relevant sector. In a word you have to be expert on your applying subject.
2.    You have to be punctual in case of work. You have to keep commitment in time management.
3.    You have to be physically and mentally fit.
4.    You have to have a mental setup for working with Green Life IT till the agreement time.
5.    In case of office job we shall provide the entire working instrument but in case of remote job you have to manage the entire required instrument personally.


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